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lvuitton4ever's Journal

Louis Vuitton=forever in style
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There are a couple of rules for this community, and YES you do need to fill out an application to be accepted. This is to ensure that you are a true fan of Louis Vuitton.
1) You CaNnOt TyPe LyK dIs unless you wish to be shunned.
2) Gushing about your newest find in LV products is allowed.
3) Type "LV is gorgeous" in the subject line when applying so I know you read the rules.
4) You must own at least two (2) LV items in order to be accepted.
5) The application cannot be modified in anyway and ALL questions must be answered.
6) Use lj cuts when posting an application. Failure to follow this will result in immediate rejection.
*I sincerely hope that everyone's LV items are genuine and not bought off of Canal Street, but there's no way for me to check. Follow the honor system please.

Number of LV items you own:
Where you bought them:
What items you bought (ie: clothes/lugguage/charms/etc):
What other labels/designers you like to wear:
Why you love LV so much (3 reasons):
Where you first heard of LV:
At least 2 pictures of you AND your LV item (to prove that you own it):

So these rules are not hard to follow. But fill out the application incorrectly and you will be rejected.

If you are rejected, then re-apply to this community in 3 weeks.

Good luck and remember...this is for PURE LV FANS.